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Some of my most frequently-requested papers can be downloaded directly from this site. 

"Developing Grounded Theory: qualitative analysis for hardnosed researchers."  A speech I gave to the NY AAPOR that presents a generalizable approach to conducting grounded-theory analyses of a broad class of research studies - with examples from TV program testing, classroom observations and in-store shopping behaviors.

"The Need for Music." This is an essay about the extraordinary pull that music has on us all- what it reveals about being human and what lessons it holds for education.

"Please Please Please: Understanding Purchase Influence."  This is a speech about parent-child interactions and how they affect purchasing.

"Summative Evaluation of Dragon Tales"  This is the final report of a controlled field experiment, funded by the US Department of Education, to determine whether viewing of the Dragon Tales TV series resulted in any changes in young children's tendency to set goals for themselves, to persist at tasks they got involved in, or collaborate with other children in achieving objectives.

"Tobacco Prevention Advertising: Lessons from the Commercial World"  This paper is based on an invited speech prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson's 1997 'New Partnerships and Paradigms' Conference at Sundance. Although it speaks directly to the topic of tobacco use, it lays out perhaps the most comprehensive description of children as consumers that I have written to date.

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Articles and Books

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