UserFace is a suite of proprietary software tools which record the whole user experience: what users do, what they type, what they say, where they smile, where they go, how long they stay there and what navigation links they follow.   With respondent permission, it can even be installed on home computers so we can find out how they behave in the real world.  

UserFace  measures what counts.  It is a true, unobtrusive, "fly on the wall" technology that directly records how people behave when using a program, playing a game or browsing the web. 

UserFace, coupled with state-of-the-art interview and research designs (tailored to the age of the user),  can yield detailed, actionable data for designers and marketers.

bulletIn-Lab testing to:
      - Pretest early prototypes 
      - Learn about your users 
      - Develop qualitative insights 
bulletIn-Home testing to:
      - Pretest working prototypes
      - Optimize current software
      - Evaluate competitive software.

Traditional product testing measures, involving short-term exposure to products and relying on what people have to say about them in response to standardized questions, do not work very well with kids.  Children need to spend time with software, to interact with it in a relaxed and normal way, and to have their spontaneous behavior recorded in real time.  This is what UserFace can do.

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