Up To Speed



A program to speed up development, target kids better, and focus your team.

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With Up To Speed we bring your team together for a few days of concentrated learning, sharing, creating, feedback and refining.  At the end of the process you all will have:

bulletNew kid-tested concepts.
bulletA better understanding of kids.
bulletA common language.
bulletFocused objectives.
bulletPlans that make kid-sense.
bulletShared ownership.

Up To Speed pulls together a comprehensive program into one 4-day package.

Day 1: A Seminar lays the groundwork,

Day 2: A Creative Workshop generates new product ideas.

Days 3 & 4: Exploratory Interviewing, interspersed with more creative sessions, elaborates and refines those ideas, based on consumer feedback.

For Up To Speed projects, we put together a team of specialists with expertise in the age of the market you are trying to reach and in the kind of materials you are seeking to create. 

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