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bulletWhat benefits do children get from your products or advertising? What turns them off?
bulletWhat constitutes "good kid execution" and "good kid concept"?
bulletWhat roles do parents play in the buying and using scenarios – and should you try to reach out to them or their kids?
bulletWhat makes some products fly off the shelf while others just sit there?
bulletWhat makes kids come back to some products again and again?
bulletHow can averting span a range of ages and a range of cultures?

These are the sorts of issues that we address in our custom one-day seminars.  We will share with you the insights we have gained from several decades of studying children and creating entertainment, products and advertising for them. The seminars are full of practical tips, examples and dialogue in addition to their formal content.  Each one is tailored to the specific challenges you are facing.  A full outline of the content to be covered is prepared in collaboration with you ahead of time.

Young Consumers Seminars are also the first component in our Up-To-Speed programs for children's marketers: accelerated new-concept development projects designed to get a client's own staff solidly grounded in child realities, and equipped with an arsenal of new concepts that pass muster with consumers - all within a week.

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