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Moderators.  We use the best youth interviewers around.  Lang Rust or Dr. Frances Rust   for preschoolers and Carole Hyatt or Lang Rust for school-aged children, and Lang Rust for teens.   If in-home interviewing is called for, Lang does the home visits - taking a camcorder along to record the sessions.

Team Interviewing. In many projects, we use a team approach, separating the functions of moderator and analyst.  The analyst works behind the window with the client during the sessions, taking real-time notes and helping interpret kids' reactions as they occur.  The moderator is free to pour all of her attention into the children and the interview agenda.  The results are deeper client learning, more responsive moderating, and quicker project turnaround.

Debriefs.  The reasons for doing qualitative interviewing are to explore new areas, to stimulate insights, and to deepen client understanding.  All of these are enhanced by conducting intensive debriefings right after each interview: with all the observers plus the moderator and the analyst sharing their observations and floating new ideas while the sessions are still fresh in mind.  If you wait until the end of the day, much of the richness is lost.  To our mind, participating in the debriefings is as important a part of the client learning experience as watching the groups.

Design. Questions of what types of groups to use (one-on-ones? best friend pairs? parent-child pairs? siblings or family groups? mini groups? conventional groups?) can only be answered after we know the material to be investigated, the age of the consumers, and the issues to be addressed.  In general, we try to similar social units to the ones that the consumers experience the materials in question.  With younger children, this often (but not always) means best-friend pairs or parent-child pairs.  With older elementary schoolers, it may be mini-groups (for materials experienced in public) or pairs or one-on-ones (for things experienced alone).  


Exploratory interviewing is a key component in our Up To Speed Service - where they are integrated into a single learning experience along with a Seminar and a Creative Workshop into a highly-accelerated, new-concept-development program.

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